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Page Speed Checker allows you to check your website speed in a matter of seconds. Our response time Checker tool not just gives information of your website speed but also provides you all the detail of the links and resources used in the site that tells you which link is caused the slow speed of your website.

Why check your website speed?

1 out of 4 visitors leaves the website if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load and 50 percent of visitors don't visit that site again. Due to this, the bounce rate of your website will also increase. 

Website speed is very important in SEO, and better website speed means a high ranking, low bounce rate, and good user experience. Website load time depends on multiple factors including webpage design, hosting server, webpage elements, browser, etc, but the ideal load time should be around 3 seconds.

If you're a web owner or SEO expert, you should always check your website's speed. Make sure your site speed falls under 3 seconds because if your site load time increased above 3 seconds, search engines especially Google will lower your site rank and traffic. Also, visitors don't like sites that having high load time. That's why you should keep your speed less than or equal to 3 seconds or you'll lose your traffic and so the users.

What is the good response time of a website?

Website speed is important as we're moving to high-speed internet and better hardware performance. And website response time is an important factor in SEO. The less response time, the more good SEO will be done. As we discussed earlier, the average response time should be around 3 seconds. Means your website should be load within 3 seconds, otherwise you'll lose website traffic.

What are the factors that make your website load slow?

Well, there are multiple factors that cause to slow down your website loading speed. Let's take a look at the key factors that caused the low loading speed of your website.

Absence of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you are not using CDN, it may possible that you are experiencing the slow speed of your website. Content Delivery Network (CDN) contains several network servers that are located in different geographical locations. If you're using CDN, this stores your website's data on all these servers and your site loaded for the users from the nearest server.


As you know JS is used to make your website more interactive and functional, but unoptimized JS can cause a problem for your site and make your site speed down. Always use optimized Javascript in your site, if you want to load a site in less time.

Flash Animation and Pictures

Heavy & huge-sized picture and flash animations are responsible for slow down your website. To improve your website speed always optimize your site's images and get rid of the flash animations.

Themes and Plugins Size

Themes and plugins are very important in modern web development. Selecting the right theme and plugins not just saves your resources but also provides a better load time for your website. Large themes and plugins caused to slow down your website. That's why always use lightweight themes and plugins.

Too Many Ads

Ads are annoying for everyone. When you place ad code on your website, your website will be slow down. To tackle this situation, make sure you display fewer ads on your site because more ads send more HTTP requests hence making your site speed slow.

Information Provided by our Page Load-time Checker

By using SeoToolsCloud's Website speed checker, you'll get the following information.

  • Time is taken to load a website (in seconds)

  • Number of CSS Links

  • Number of JavaScript Links

  • Number of Image Links

  • Number of Other Resources Links

  • Detail of CSS Links and their load time

  • Detail of Image Links and their load time

  • Detail of JavaScript Links and their load time

  • Detail of other resources Links and their load time

How to Use Page Speed Checker?

In order to use this tool effectively, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Visit the tool by clicking on the Page Speed Checker or navigate through SEOToolsCloud's site and find the tool by its name.

  • Enter the URL of the website.

  • Now click on the "Submit" button and wait for a few moments, you'll get the results.

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