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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator as the name implies displays all the information that Google Spider bots or any other search engine bots are seeing on your webpage. Spider bots are regularly checking your site and then see all the information, this tool will show you how these spider bots get the information. In other words, the Spider simulator simulates the content of your webpage in the same way the search engine spider bot sees it while crawling.

Which information does Spider Simulator display?

SEO professionals or experts are curious to know how spider bots see any website or how these bots collect information from any website. The website we see is totally different from what spider bots see. With this tool, you'll get the following information.

  • Header Section
  • Meta Title of Website
  • Meta Description of Website
  • Meta Keywords of Website
  • Tags (From H1 to onwards)
  • Indexable Inbound Links
  • Indexable Outbound Links
  • Attributes
  • Readable Text Content
  • Source Code

How does Search Engine Simulator Examine any Website?

As we discussed above, search engines examine the website or any webpage completely different way than any normal use see. They can't read CSS or JavaScript code, as spider bots unable to understand these codes. These bots can only understand the text and HTML code in your webpage. They also can't read visual content such as videos, graphics, and images.

In order to let spider bots index your site, you need to work on your content. Content has different types such as website content, blog/article content, etc. If you are an SEO expert, you must complete the website from a content perspective, provide header information, use proper tags, provide proper meta information such as meta title & meta description, and make sure all attributes are used well. All this practice also called Optimizing on-page SEO. So always work on on-page SEO and don't consider on-page SEO normal.

How to Use Search Engine Spider Simulator?

In order to use this tool effectively, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Visit the tool by clicking on the Search Engine Spider Simulator or navigate through SEOToolsCloud's site and find the tool by its name.
  • Enter the URL of the website.
  • Now click on the "Submit" button and wait for a few moments, you'll get the results.

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