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Whois Lookup is a simple yet effective tool for those who want to check all the details about domains just in a few seconds. Our tool is free and designed to provide all the information you want for a particular domain. 

The information you will get about any particular domain included Domain Registrar Name, creation date, updated date, registrar expiration date, registrar country, name servers, domain status, and other such information.

Try our Whois Checker tool and get all the information related to your domain or any other domain. In order to use this tool, you don't need any additional skills, even a layman can use this tool.

What is Whois?

Whois is a database of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), this organization is responsible for submitting your personal information received from your domain name registrar to the WHOIS database. Once your domain information listed successfully, it's then publicly available and everyone can check that information through Whois Checker.

Who needs to check the Whois database?

There are many third parties who can check your domain information in the whois database. They can be

  • Webmasters or any individuals to check domain name expiration date.

  • Registrars check domain information when you ask them to transfer ownership.

  • Government Authorities to check the owner of any particular domain and their contact information in order to investigate criminal activities.

What is the Type of WHOIS Database?

There are two types of WHOIS database in terms of privacy.

Public WHOIS Database Listing:
In this database, all the information about your domain is listed in the WHOIS Database by ICANN. Anyone can easily retrieve all the information related to any particular domain. There is some drawback existed in this database as anyone can access your information and this information can be misused by hackers, spammers, attackers, and data miners.

Private WHOIS Database Listing:
There are high chances for you to become the victim of spammers, hackers, attackers, and data miners due to information available publicly in the Public Whois Database listing. But with a private whois database listing, your information is secure and can't be accessed by anyone on the internet. Some Registrar companies such as Namecheap, Godaddy, and Network Solutions are providing protection services for your domain and charge the user a small monthly or annual fee.

As you all know that ICANN needs information related to any particular domain and this information is received by the domain registrar. When you use the protection services from the registrar, they replace your original information with general information of their company and hence your information becomes safe and secure.

Why Use Whois Checker?

I stated almost every detail of WHOIS, but still confused, why use it? Well, this tool can use anyone who wants

  • To get the information of the domain for analysis.

  • To get the contact information of the domain owner.

  • To know the name of the registrar and its URL.

  • To know all the information especially the contact and name of the domain owner in order to investigate crimes and illegal activities.

  • To transfer domain ownership.

What Information You Will Get By Using WHOIS Finder?

Following is the information that you will get when using our WHOIS Finder tool.

  • Registrar Name

  • Registrar WHOIS Server

  • Registrar URL

  • Updated Date

  • Creation Date

  • Registrar Registration Expiration Date

  • Registrar IANA ID

  • Registrar Abuse Contact email and phone

  • Domain Status

  • Registrant Organization

  • Registrant State or province

  • Registrant Country

  • Registrant Email

  • Admin email

  • Tech email

  • Name Servers

How to Use Whois Lookup?

In order to use this tool, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Visit our tool by clicking on the Whois Lookup or navigate through SeoToolsCloud.com and find the name by its name.

  • Enter the URL of any particular domain.

  • Click on the "Get WHOIS Data" or hit enter.

  • You will get the result within a few seconds.

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